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Saturday, December 23, 2017

We wish you a awesome Christmas and a blessed new year.

1uRmyLGxj2ou_EE4jVR9nfM76khwoIVmE from Gerardo Carrillo on Vimeo.

My daughter giving coffee to a homeless guy. My
Children are growing up serving Jesus.
many have put themselves in rehabs or have found jobs but
more new ones come...
To end the year we fed 36 homeless and 5 that came late. When I speak of feeding them we share the Word with them and I am amazed at how much they know the Word. Some of them have memorized Psalms and sometimes when I teach them they know the verses by heart...The Sunday Study has grown to twenty people which none of the boys from the feeding come. My point in everything I do is to point people to Christ. That is why I started teaching the Gospel Of John. The disciple whom Jesus loved. Anybody who has come to visit us in Costa Rica knows that daily I'm in the community reaching out to those that Christ loves. Under bridges in dangerous areas teaching His Word. I have gained so much respect and love from even the hardest individuals on the street who have spent most their lives in Prison thanks to Jesus my Lord and Savior...I found a Christ centered rehab in San Jose and I have one guy that is going on his third month sober. I pay around 160.00 a month and its a good investment for His Kingdom because Esteban is gifted in music that I believe God has given him.
My son serving faithfully.
Last month my support was only a little over $1000.00 and my monthly budget is $2,800.00. Things have changed so much here in Costa Rica but He is still using me to reach out to people but I need the financial support to live and I never know who gives because I am never told so please if God is putting on your heart to give we really appreciate your generous gift. Most funds I do receive go directly to the ministry and we need help to continue...Also please keep me in prayer with the new friends I am establishing getting involved in the community. My kids are on vacation and I would love to take them on a vacation that we need so much because my family is my first ministry and it would be a blessing to them to get away. My youngest daughter is going into seventh grade and Esteban into fifth, but it would be really good if we could get away for a few days...I have also started a daily teaching on this application we use here called whatts app, and I have over 300 contacts and people respond to the teaching. I am really excited what the Lord has for 2018. Please keep us in prayer that God give us wisdom and discernment...Also please pray for my friend Jesus who is an elder for the ministry here that God would provide for his needs as well. I am looking for someone who is willing to support him because he is involved in the ministry and his wife is so faithful cooking each week that we feed the homeless. Also know that churches are getting involved and feeding the homeless when we cant. I think that is really cool. Also pray for God to use me to be a light with the new soccer team I play with...Its good to be involved in the community. My brother in law who has been teaching the Word for over thirty years and lives in the capital will come on the first of the month to teach. So please keep him in prayer and the church that wants to be involved with Agape Love that he attends. Also keep another church who has grasped the vision of Agape Love and feed the homeless the weekend we cant feed them... I honestly believe that God has put this ministry on my heart and Churches are getting involved.
Pray that I could be a light to these guys I see daily...

Monday, November 20, 2017

God in His great mercy has blessed us with so much that if we just took a moment to see the riches we have in Christ, we would all be in awe. A verse comes to my mind as I write this blog: On Sunday's we are studying through the Gospel of John and this verse has really touched my heart.

Today was the first day that his family got to see him..
it costs around 160.00 but worth the investment
"Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you, for on Him the Father, God, has set His seal.” (John 6:27). A church called, "Iglesia de Dios La Cosecha (The Church of God the Harvest) has come along side us and we swap every Saturday's. to feed the homeless. Really awesome to see the community get involved. Remember Esteban? He completed one month

Here I am taking him food. If God radically touches this guys heart
it will touch hearts all the way in Canada.
in a Crist centered Re-hab. He is so gifted and I know God desires to use this young man.He is worth investing in. This weekend will be the first time his family will get to see him in a whole month. So excited for him. The program is nine months so please keep him in prayer. Also this is really cool, I am working with a drug addict that is touching hearts all the way in Canada. His brother lives in Canada and has found out about what I do so he sends money so this guy eats. He was the one that was in the hospital and escaped.
Working on a worship band can use your prayers.
I had to clean his stitches because I was afraid he was going to get an infection. Please keep him in prayer, If God radically touches this guys heart it will touch many for he has a big family and they trust me to send funds so he can eat. I would love to send this guy to the rehab Esteban is at but it costs $160.00 per month. God will provide. Now that I am thinking about provision. My provision has been real low and if I can get 20 people to commit $100.00 a month that would help so much. You guys can ask Dale and Jeb. I am so involved in the community and can use support. Also for those that are supporting, Life Church in Gulf Breeze has made me Pastor legally and if all the funds went through them, it would help with taxes. their address is: Life Church Gulf Breeze
Attention Geraldo M. Carrillo
PO Box 562
Gulf Breeze Florida
Also I am working on a worship team so please keep us in prayer.
Their is a lot going on and I ask that you keep me in prayer so I can make wise decisions and discernment with those that want to meet with me. My budget is 2,800.00 per month please help me so I can buy speakers, a mixer and a microphone. Well that is way out of my budget but I need them. I can write so much more of what God is doing but I put it in His hands for He knows.
I love people and I know God is using me to touch hearts.
In His precious name
Gerry and Silvia Carrillo.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

After much prayer and seeking council from men that have been in the ministry for many years I have decided to do two blogs. One of them will focus on what God (The Almighty) is doing and this one is going to focus specifically on prayer request.

Sharing the love of Christ to an elementary School.
1.) I have a gentleman that is extremely gifted in worship and maybe even teaching. I wont go to far into his circumstance but for the next nine months he is dislocated from his two children and wife. My prayer is that he is given the power by the Holy Spirit to make it through this program so he can be united with his family (more importantly) and begin serving in the church...The first month in this program he is not to see anyone, but after the first month I will be traveling to San Jose so His family can spend visit times with him. My prayer is that God put it on someones heart to give and invest in this soul that is a very good investment. I need 160.00 per month to keep him in this Christ centered program. He lost his job and he can use your prayers...I felt in my heart that it was highly important to get him in rehab before he lost everything so I put him in rehab and paid for the first month, I just need help for the next 8 months. If he decides not to finish then I will post and let you all know. Pray that this does not happen, but if he decides not to finish the program, he will loose all he has and all he has is his family.

2.) God opened doors to enter certain schools and I ask that you all keep me in prayer as I will enter many other schools and share the Gospel message.

My brother in law made them shirts. So awesome!
3.) We are connected to the homeless everyday and I ask that you all pray that everything we do for them, God uses for His glory. It is a very hard ministry but its so worth it when someone comes to the feet of Jesus. We are yoked with One who gives sufficient grace for every time of need. These men need Jesus. Many have come to know Christ, but man in himself is utterly hopeless. He does not even have the strength to come to Jesus by himself, unless the Father first begins to work in his heart and life. He will never realize his terrible guilt and his need of a Savior. Pray that we as Agape Love are used to respond to God's call and share His love to all.

4.) Pray that we continue to lift the name of Jesus high because I know in my heart that He is faithful to draw others to Him. Our Savior has power to cleanse from sin and to qualify the cleansed person to be a worshiper.
Last Sunday Study.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Most the students stood up to receive the Gospel.
If at least one kid accepted Jesus it was so worth it.
God is so faithful. My two good friends from Gulf Breeze, Florida came down to visit me and encouraged me in the work God is doing in Costa Rica. I was in awe of God's love. Right now if someone was to ask me where I am with my walk with Jesus, my answer would be to trust His Word and be faithful where He has me. He opened the door for me to share the Gospel at the school that my children attend at it was amazing. We had two sessions and I will be entering more schools and share His amazing love to many.
When I shared the Gospel many stood up, but if one really accepted Jesus as their Savior it was so worth it. Sometime and I can even go and say most of the times we may not understand what is really going on but what matters is God knows what is going on! We just need to believe in faith that in His eyes everything is going perfect. All the stuff around us is not important, the only thing that is important is what Jesus says and is doing. Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1 NASB), One of the real neat things that God allowed us to do was to serve those that live on the streets, We made them bags filled with three toothpaste, 3 razors. 2 deodorants, 3 toothbrushes, one Agape Love Shirt and bunch of candy. It was real neat. Please pray for me because I have so much to do and these kids take so much of my time but I love it. Right now I have one guy in rehab that is a nine month program. He is gifted in leading worship and has other gifts. The rehab he attends is $160.00 per month and is Christ centered so I am asking if any one wants to help out with his restoration, I guarantee it is worth it. He is gifted and I pray that someone would adopt him, it is a good investment. Trust God that He will do a work in Him. I just need help to keep him in there so if God puts this on your heart you can send the funds to Life Church, Gulf Breeze. Attention Geraldo M. Carrillo, PO Box 562, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32562
This is my heart. to reach the less fortunate.

These are the men and women that Christ would love to
share His love to many, it hurts me that no other churches are doing it

Every Sunday the Study grows at God's speed.
so fun. I just love people...
They will do a right off for you when it comes to taxes. In December someone is supposed to be donating me land, if that happens than we will start building so these man can have a discipleship home. Life Church in Gulf Breeze has officially ordained me Pastor so if you send funds through them, they will do a write off and it helps me with my taxes.It is so worth investing in God;s Kingdom! I just feel in my heart if there are those who wish to support the ministry, People are getting saved and its good that we invest in them. Also for the first time I sang at church and I will see next Sunday if I scared some away. I like to call it a Bible Study and it is growing at God's pace. I try not to worry about the results, I try to be faithful to those who come and God does the increase, just pray that God gives me wisdom to discern gifts and put those who come faithfully in their proper places so the body functions well. I have been praying that God would send faithful people and He is responding so my job is to get them plugged in. There is so much I can write about but to finish I want to thank my beautiful wife and Pastor Dale and Jeb Smith for coming to visit us and encourage us all in the work God is doing....Keep track on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for some of the stuff I post daily... We love yall and look forward to seeing what God is doing in yalls life.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

This was last Sunday's teaching. Actually had a guy on guitar and box
The Lord is using Agape Love to reach
the intercity. Only our fifth week.
On Wednesday I took a young man to the hospital that really needed to be at his appointment for medical treatment. We went to the capital were he was treated but without getting to deep about his situation I just want to ask that you would pray for Bryan. He is 24 years old and has had it rough! He was so thankful...On the way to the capital he kept asking me why do I do the things I do, like feed them, go under the bridges and drink coffee with them and take them to scheduled appointments. My answer was, "Jesus would do the same thing" These guys live under bridges and I have had the privilege to meet just about everyone of them. My love for them has grown so huge and God is doing an amazing work in them. I really wish I had a home for them.  A strong disciplined discipleship and much teachings of the Bible (Sound Doctrine) Imagine all the teachers I can invite and come to Costa Rica and teach. Working with those in the streets is tough but God is faithful to do His part as long as I do not give up.

This is Enrique. Awesome guy.
My family sharing their faith.
Also pray for the study because God is bringing people to Him. This one guy named Enrique came up to me and said that the Word really spoke to him and that gave me much joy. New people are coming and on October 13 we will enter an elementary school and reach out to 522 kids. Not scared to share the Gospel... This is going to be a huge event and I am excited. I have built such a strong friendship with the director that she has allowed me to go into the school and do a kids club. God gave me the vision because they are well known through out the country to be against bullying. So many stories in Scripture against bullying. Excited!! Keep it in prayer that kids would come to know Jesus. Also please keep my children in prayer, They went door to door inviting people to the study and I was in tears. May God bless them. It was pouring rain but rain does not stop nobody in Costa Rica because it rains everyday. I could post more but I got lots of work to do and I pray that each person reads this and gets blessed. Please keep us in prayer and we really need financial support to keep spreading God's Kingdom.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Praise reports! Remember Dayan, one of the young girls who I asked to pray for. She came to last Sunday's Study and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Thank you for your prayers... and keep praying because God hears our petitions with such compassion.
Dayan and her boyfriend Dennis
Dayan had never been to a study and she really was in tears and as I spoke to her about the study, she said she really liked it. For those that know me everyday I am in the community seeking Jesus and asking where He is working so I can be a part of His amazing work. So thankful for God who has given me the privilege to reach out to people and I believe He is doing such a work in everyone's heart. Agape love is growing and I need His wisdom to do His will. I did not get a picture of last Sunday's study but I did get a picture of Silvia in her element. We are focusing a lot on the children and she has done such a wonderful job in serving them.
Silvia in her element
On October 13 we are doing an outreach with one of the local schools who campaigns highly against bullying and God put it on my heart to speak to the director and she gave us permission to enter the school during school hours and do an out reach to 522 children and my goal is to get into every school and do a kid's club. Excited! Encouraging them to continue against bullying and you all know how many biblical stories there is to share with the children against bullying. It's going to be fun...And of course without fear the Gospel will be shared.

Bryan and I, using my gift to encourage him to go to the hospital to get treated
for lung cancar.
Also I have been invited to share with a catholic youth retreat in November. They want me to share on how I got delivered from a life of addiction and we all know it was Christ. So Christ will be shared and this will be November 18th. This tells me that Agape Love is getting known. This Sunday will be our fifth week and I am amazed of God's amazing grace towards us. It's all God's Speed and we continue to love on all we meat. Feeding the homeless still happens and many are coming to church but keep them in prayer because it's hard living on the streets.
On the 20th. of this month I take Bryan to a hospital in San Jose because he has lung cancer so I ask that you pray for him. I love these guys so much and I know there is hope in Jesus. I've learned to look at each individual with all the potential they have in Christ. We need hearts to be generous givers so we can keep the feeding of all these crazy guys. The contact we have with them is amazing and when God's Word is spoken it does not return void. Recently one guy that came to my house to seek wisdom to enter a rehab, just graduated and he is working full time and is leading worship at the Sunday Study. I try to tell these guys that the truth is that we are not sufficiently good enough to be accepted in front of God who is absolutely good, but by His amazing grace we are. I Love this family so much and i think God is doing an amazing work
I love this family

This is Esteban, He graduated
and is doing really good.,
It was an honor and privilege to help them. This last Saturday we fed the homeless and it was really fun. We had a good time spending time with them and there is so much fun helping them out. This past Saturday we served 40 + meals. I get excited and it breaks my heart that I do not have a home for them. But soon in the Spirit, I feel like God will provide. God is doing an amazing work and for me its a honor that I get to serve our Creator.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Three people gave their lives to Jesus. This is the second Sunday
we have met at the gym.
This last Sunday, August 13 was our second week meeting at the gym where we are studying the book of John. Three people came to the saving knowledge of Jesus and I pray that I can make a day where we can all get together and I can teach them more about what goes on in the heart as God justifies us and forgives us of our sins. What it means to be a disciple of Christ...I am excited for next Sunday because many Samaritans believe in Jesus as a result of the simple and forthright testimony of the woman of Samaria. All she said was, "He told me all that I ever did," and yet that was sufficient to bring others to Jesus. This should be an encouragement to each of us to be simple, courageous, and direct in our witness for Christ. We are growing very steady and it would be nice to have some help. This Saturday my wife and I are taking a wife and two children to visit their father who turned himself into a rehab. This guy is gifted in music and he came to my house a few weeks ago asking for advice about entering into a rehab after falling continually day after day in addiction. My advice to him was to talk to his wife then boss because he has an excellent job and I felt through certain circumstances talked about behind closed doors he owed a conversation with his employer. It turned out good, because his employer is helping him and hopefully he gets his job back when he gets out. That is my heart and the vision of Agape Love. To Love God, and to love others! Just right now one of the kids on the streets became very ill, so I took him to the hospital but he lost his id, so we had to get his id and then back to the hospital. I actually do not like talking much about these things but I know I need to post what God is doing in Costa Rica. For those that know me I am very well connected in the community and enjoy being with the ticos. God has given me a heart for these people and I love them with all my heart. Kind of reminds me what I will be sharing this next Sunday. The reception given to the Lord Jesus by the Samaritans was in marked contrast to that of the Jews. The Samaritans seemed to have some real appreciation of Jesus. I have such a real appreciation of these Ticos and Ticas (Costa Ricans) that I love being with them, like the Samaritans urged Jesus to stay with them. As a result of their invitation, the Lord stayed there two days. I feel as though I am going to stay here the rest of my life. God is so good!! Please if you feel in your heart to give to this ministry, there is so much I need. You can click the donate button at the top of this blog. More than anything I need your prayers. Thank you and God bless. Remember, Lift Jesus High and He will draw people to Himself.